1 Bottle Of 250ML ARGANLife Hair Shampoo + ArganLife Natural Herbal Soap with Argan Oil


Does ARGANLife help to prevent hair loss?

The formula of ARGANLife has been prepared after long studies against especially hair loss.

 Is ARGANLife with argan oil very effective for hair growth ?

As Argan Life nourishes hair from root to tip with very rich ingredients and vitamins,it will make your hair grow faster.

 Is ARGANLife suitable for the dyed hair and hair with highlights?

ARGANLife products help the hair which has been damaged by some chemical substances, environmental factors and hair dryer machine to look healthy again.

 What types of hair and skins are suitable for ARGANLife products ?

ARGANLife Products are suitable for all hair and skin types.

 What tests have ARGANLife passed successfully?

Our product has passed successfully microbiologically, dermatologically and allergy-tested.

 Are there any hazardous substances on human health in the products ?

ARGANLife products don't contain,Sulfate, Slicone, Alcohol, Salt and Dye. It is totally safe.

 Is ARGANLife effective against dandruff ?

ARGANLife’s Special Formula helps to prevent the occuring dandruff.

Are there any side effects?

No. It has been used topically for centuries with no reported side effects.

Is ARGANLife approved by Ministry of Health ?

The statement has been made to Ministry of Health and ARGANLife is a product which have been approved by Ministry of Health.

Does stress cause hair loss ?

When the body is under a serious physical and emotional stress, it is possible for the immune system to produce antibody and the antibody attacks the hair follicles, which results in bald areas and spreads the hair loss.

 In which ways do you deliver your products?

We deliver our products via DHL Express Delivery Service, worldwide.

For the big demands, we deliver via trucks or container according to delivery terms.

 What are the conditions for being a distributor?

Please contact us for the detailed information via e-mail and/or phone in our website.


  • To use ARGANLife we advise you these instructions:
  1. Apply enough amount to wet hair and massage gently throughout scalp and hair approximately 1-2 minutes
  2. Then rinse thoroughly with water


For the best result it is recommended to use every other day, with pure argan oil.

  • Rub ARGANLife Soap Bar between hands to create a lather, or directly apply on body.Also you can massage into the hair and scalp then rinse clean.
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