LONG HAIR CARE ROUTINE: How I Keep My Long Hair Healthy | ARGANLife

LONG HAIR CARE ROUTINE: How I Keep My Long Hair Healthy | ARGANLife 8/4/2018

LONG HAIR CARE ROUTINE: How I Keep My Long Hair Healthy | ARGANLife

Long Hair Care Routine and Tips

Long Hair Care Routine and tips on how to keep my long hair strong and healthy: https://bit.ly/2mDtX9u

- argan life for your hair

Step by step what you should do to your hair, what products you should be used?

Step 1: Brush Hair From The Bottom Up

Before washing your hair, make sure to brush it out to get rid of any tangles. Every time brush your hair from the bottom up, little by little, to avoid any breakage or hair damage.

Step 2: Pure Argan Oil

A hair beauty secret weapon: Argan Life Pure Argan Oil. This is the super power hair product! Arganlife pure argan oil prevents hair breakage, moisturizes the hair, boosts blood circulation, is very rich in nutrients, and also antibacterial. we recommends doing it in the evening before washing your hair the next morning so arganlife argan oil stays on for the whole night while you’re sleeping. However, if you don’t have time, you can also put it on right before you take a shower. If you can, the ideal time for it to stay in your hair before you wash it is 1 hour.


Step 3: Wash Your Hair The Right Way

How you wash your hair plays a very important step to maintaining healthy and beautiful long hair. Do you only wash your hair once in the shower? If you answered yes (probably just like the majority of us would), then you should know shampooing TWICE is the right way to do it. When you wash your hair twice, the first round gets rid of all the dirt and gunk in your hair, and the second round actually cleans it.

We recommend using arganlife hair products for long hair and strong hair. Arganlife products is naturally healthy for your hair.


Step 4: Straightening Her Without A Straightener

A super neat trick you can use to straighten your hair without a straightener is to blow-dry your hair straight with a brush. Get a large round brush that is ceramic. The heat will transfer to it and act as a straightener at the same time.


Step 5: ARGAN Life Shampoo for Long Hair

What products you should used? Arganlife products will be the right choice for you. Washe your hair with arganlife hair care shampoo, so twice a week. When styling her hair, she likes to tease her roots by sections. You can use safely arganlife shampoo and arganlife pure argan oil for your strong and health hair. Arganlife keeps your long hair strong and healthy.

5 simple steps to Arganlife Long Hair Care Routine. Don't forget that long, beautiful hair definitely takes dedication, time, and care - but the results are so amazing! 



Let us know your long hair care routine in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you! Make sure to share your Long Hair Care Routine on Instagram and tag @arganlifeproducts for a chance to be featured!



How to Wash Your Hair?

How to Wash Your Hair? 6/7/2018

How to Wash Your Hair?

Say hello to beautiful hair with this ARGANLife Products!

ARGANLife shampoo for damaged, color-treated hair, dry hair to give your hair extra shine and leaves your hair soft and full. This shampoo also contains pure argan oil extract which help protect your hair and scalp from sun damage.

This is an excellent choice for itchy, flaky scalp problems; and doesn’t contain the harsh chemicals like coal tar that so many name-brand dandruff shampoos do.

Washing Your Hair

Rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water. Your hair will need to be completely soaked before you apply shampoo. Using warm water is important, because the warm water will open the cuticles in your hair. Once your hair is soaked in warm water the hair will start loosing any dirt and build up it has accumulated. Additionally, the warm water will help your hair and scalp absorb the oils in your conditioner. Let your hair get completely wet before you apply your shampoo.
Consider using a water filter that will remove any harsh minerals from your water. Your hair will rinse cleaner and feel softer.
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Gently massage shampoo into the roots of your hair. Measure a quarter sized amount of shampoo into the palm of your hair if you have short or medium length hair. You can double that amount if your hair is longer than your shoulders. Rub between your palms and then softly work the shampoo into the roots of your hair, massaging, not scrubbing, as you go. Also, make sure you shampoo well at the nape of your neck.
Be gentle, do not scrub your hair and avoid tight circular motions! You do not want to damage or break the cuticles of your hair.
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 Do not shampoo the ends of your hair if you have longer hair. You need more shampoo at the roots, because that is where the majority of your oil is. You need less shampoo or no shampoo at your tips of your hair, because it is the oldest and driest hair. If you have product build up, you can shampoo your hair with a purifying arganlife shampoo once a week.