Solutions To Prevent Baldness

3/24/2017 (Vote 0)

Solutions To Prevent Baldness

The Simple Gestures Of Everyday Life
As it is better to prevent than to cure, you can now adopt simple gestures to keep hair healthy and strong longer. To begin, one must avoid too aggressive products for the hair like the abuse of dry shampoo, dyes or gels. Choose a soft shampoo with a neutral pH.

You can even precede its application by a delicate massage of the scalp of the neck to the top of the skull. The blood circulation thus stimulated will make the scalp more receptive to care. Avoid rinsing hair with hot water that attacks the scalp and makes it quicker to grease. In the sun, be sure to use sunscreen or a hat to protect the scalp. A varied and balanced diet can meet the needs of iron, copper, zinc, silicon and B group vitamins and essential fatty acids.

Argan Life
Cosmetic And Pharmacological Treatments
You can get specific food supplements as formulated to strengthen and promote hair growth.

Drug Treatments
A doctor dermatologist who will have assessed the severity of your hair loss may prescribe medication treatments. This type of treatment can be used up to stage 5 of the Hamilton classification. ArganLife Argan Oil based hair lotions slow hair loss by slowing down the capillary cycle.

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