Hair Care For Dyed Hair

3/24/2017 (Vote 0)

Hair Care For Dyed Hair

As a result of hair dyeing, hair strands wear out because of many bleaching and dying process. The most important factor in color treated hair is to provide the moisture needed by damaged hair. Usually, dimethicone called, silicone derivatives are used for this function in hair care, although at first silicone products did a pretty good impact on hair care but in the following times it is understood that they cannot even save the day. To look for natural care instead of a chemical and instant solutions is the key in hair care.

Argan oil is a very good hair care oil as it is mentioned in our previous posts. Argan oil works perfectly in the care of color treated hair. If you have color treated hair, you can make a very good care with argan oil.

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Apply Argan Oil to your scalp and hair from roots to tips. Apply the oil to the scalp because this will strengthen your hair by nourishing hair follicles. Then the waiting part comes. Wrap your head with a towel so oil does not leak out in this waiting stage. In addition, using a hot towel can provide better processing.

Note that, Argan oil would be useful as long as you hold it on the hair. So you can have perfect results, by applying oil to hair and waiting over night.

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