Causes Of Hair Loss

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Causes Of Hair Loss

According to the experts, loss of 50-100 strands in a day is in normal range, but if there is excessive amounts of loss and visible hair thinning, this may be pointing to a problem. In all societies, hair and hair styles have a social and cultural importance. The person who is faced with hair loss may beign to see himself physically and mentally weak and try different methods to get rid of this situation. However, the cause of hair loss can not be cured without a correct form of treatment.

Studies revealed that, about 90 percent of a healthy human hair is in constant growth. This growth phase can last up to 2-6 years. The remaining 10 percent portion stays in the resting phase lasting up to 2-3 months. As a result of this resting phase, hair loss occurs, then new hair starts to grow from hair root and the cycle continues in this way. Most of the hair loss is the result of this normal hair growth cycle.

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Knowing the causes of hair loss, can help you to act rational and keep on some measures from the beginning. According to the experts; dye, bleaching, straightening or perming can damage hair. Application of these methods simultaneously or frequently can cause hair to weaken or fracture. And hair styles like horsetail, should not be applied to often. Because of the constant pulling force acting on the scalp can cause hair loss.

Improper hair care cosmetics can make your hair weak and scalp unhealthy. For example, most hair products contain alcohol and it causes hair to dry out. But ArganLife Hair Care Products do not contain alcohol, dye, sulfate or salt

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