Why Should You Use Sulfate Free Shampoo?


Have you ever wondered what ingredients of your shampoo actually are and how they affect your hair? If no, then let us tell you something. The chemicals used in your shampoos are surfactants, generally with the names – sodium laureth sulfates or sodium lauryl sulfates. Although these substances create lots of foam, they aren’t good for hair. Not just these chemicals irritate the scalp, they also make hair week over time. SLS shampoos are even responsible for dry and dull hair.

So, we advise you to ditch such shampoos and use sodium sulfate free shampoos instead. Besides being natural and safe to use, SLS-free hair cleansers give more lustrous and silky hair as compared to regular shampoos. Some of the other benefits of these cleaners are:

Keep natural oils: One of the major roles of SLS-free shampoos is to clean hair while maintaining its natural shine. All this is possible when natural oils are preserved in the locks. SLS-free hair cleansers wash the hair fibers without removing essentials oils from them.

Efficient moisture retention: Moisture is needed in hair to prevent problems such as split ends and breakage. SLS shampoos strips away the moisture from hair fibers, causing them to turn dull and frizzy. On the other hand, sulfate-free hair cleansers help retain the natural moisture in hair.

Reduced irritation/ inflammation: Because sulfates are harsh chemicals, they can dry and irritate the scalp. This can also lead to inflammation if uncontrolled. On the contrary, SLS-free hair products are mild and they gently clean your hair, without creating such problems.

Retains hair color: Coloring hair is a common routine of most of the people, especially women. However, longevity of the color will depend on how well you take care of your hair. Using a good SLS-free shampoo will extend the lifeline of your hair color, thus reducing fading. This will in turn prevent you from frequently dyeing your hair.

Safe for Environment: Sulfate free shampoos and conditioners are safe for environment. Thanks to their plant-based ingredients!
Suitable for sensitive scalp: SLS-free hair cleansers are an obvious alternative for those with sensitive skin.

Tear-free: Sodium sulfate free shampoos do not cause any sort of irritation to the eyes as compared to traditional hair cleansers, in case if a drop mistakenly falls inside.
Suitable for every hair type: SLS-free hair cleansers are appropriate to use on all types of hair – no matter curly, straight or color-treated

Well, there’s lot more sulfate-free shampoos has to offer you. Just remember – although these shampoos will not produce foam and lather to the same extent as traditional shampoos would, that doesn’t signify the efficiency of these products. After all, lathering is just used as a trick by the companies to indicate cleansing.



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