How Do You Use Argan Oil?

How Do You Use Argan Oil?

Here's how:

Using your hands, massage 8 to 10 drops of argan oil into your hair and scalp.

Continue to massage your hair and scalp for 10 minutes, ensuring your hair is covered from roots to ends.

Wrap your hair in a towel or hair wrap and leave it on overnight.

Wash your hair in the morning and style as usual.


Why is argan oil effective for your skin?

All right, so you know there’s a major difference between canola oil and motor oil, but what about skin oils? As it turns out, every face oil has a different formulation, weight, and absorption rate, making some better suited for certain skin types and concerns than others.

Argan oil, however, falls in the middle of the spectrum—it’s not too heavy, not too light—making it perfect to use on all skin types. It’s packed with omega fatty acids, vitamin E, and linoleic acids, all of which work to lightly moisturize your skin, soften dry patches, and even reduce acne.



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