Beauty Tips For Long And Healthy Hair

Beauty Tips For Long And Healthy Hair

ARGANLife For Healthy Hair

Handle your hair kindly when you wash and dry it

If you have dry hair, you have fragile hair.  When you shampoo your hair, use the tips of your fingers to kindly pull the shampoo through your hair instead of roughly scrubbing it in.

Rinse your hair using cool or lukewarm water

Hot water is extra damaging to dry hair. When you're done, gently squeeze excess water from your hair instead of twisting and wringing it out. Pat it dry with a towel. 

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 Shampoo less often

Hair becomes dry when the natural oils produced by your scalp aren't getting the chance to nourish it. Shampooing dry hair every day will make it even drier and more fragile since you're stripping those oils away on a daily basis. Cut back to shampooing just two to three times a week, to give your hair the chance to receive those nourishing oils. 


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 Let your hair air dry

Are you addicted to your hair dryer? Time to put it down and let your hair dry on its own. Directing hot air toward dry hair won't give it the chance to get healthy. While a blowout might make your hair look shiny, the heat is essentially quite damaging, and over time will cause breakage and split ends.

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 When you first start letting your hair air dry, you might not be thrilled with the results. Give it some time; after a month or so of treating your hair gently, your beautiful natural texture will finally get the chance to shine through.

When you just have to style your hair with a dryer (which should be done only on special occasions), use the warm or cool setting on your dryer, and keep it several inches from your head.


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Avoid hairstyles that pull on your hair

Weaves, dreads, and other styles that involve pulling on your hair from the roots are extra damaging for dry hair. Choosing one of these styles could reason breakage or even bald spots to occur. It's best to let your hair be its natural self when you're trying to nurse it back to health. 

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