How to Wash Your Hair?

How to Wash Your Hair? 6/7/2018

How to Wash Your Hair?

Say hello to beautiful hair with this ARGANLife Products!

ARGANLife shampoo for damaged, color-treated hair, dry hair to give your hair extra shine and leaves your hair soft and full. This shampoo also contains pure argan oil extract which help protect your hair and scalp from sun damage.

This is an excellent choice for itchy, flaky scalp problems; and doesn’t contain the harsh chemicals like coal tar that so many name-brand dandruff shampoos do.

Washing Your Hair

Rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water. Your hair will need to be completely soaked before you apply shampoo. Using warm water is important, because the warm water will open the cuticles in your hair. Once your hair is soaked in warm water the hair will start loosing any dirt and build up it has accumulated. Additionally, the warm water will help your hair and scalp absorb the oils in your conditioner. Let your hair get completely wet before you apply your shampoo.
Consider using a water filter that will remove any harsh minerals from your water. Your hair will rinse cleaner and feel softer.
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Gently massage shampoo into the roots of your hair. Measure a quarter sized amount of shampoo into the palm of your hair if you have short or medium length hair. You can double that amount if your hair is longer than your shoulders. Rub between your palms and then softly work the shampoo into the roots of your hair, massaging, not scrubbing, as you go. Also, make sure you shampoo well at the nape of your neck.
Be gentle, do not scrub your hair and avoid tight circular motions! You do not want to damage or break the cuticles of your hair.
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 Do not shampoo the ends of your hair if you have longer hair. You need more shampoo at the roots, because that is where the majority of your oil is. You need less shampoo or no shampoo at your tips of your hair, because it is the oldest and driest hair. If you have product build up, you can shampoo your hair with a purifying arganlife shampoo once a week.


Anti-Dandruff ARGANLife Shampoo

Anti-Dandruff ARGANLife Shampoo 5/31/2018

Anti-Dandruff ARGANLife Shampoo

ARGANLife Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Fight dandruff outbreaks with ARGANLife Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. This powerful shampoo controls flaking, scaling, and itching associated with dandruff. Use it just twice a week in between your regular shampoos to control dandruff. It’s gentle enough to use on color-treated, chemically processed, and gray hair that rinses clean and leaves your hair smelling fresh.

What Causes Dandruff?

P. ovale is a fungus normally found on every human head. Climate, heredity, diet, hormones and stress impact how your body reacts to it. For dandruff sufferers, the natural process of scalp-cell renewal is accelerated when fighting off P. ovale, causing dead cells to fall off faster. This is a leading cause of dandruff and all the symptoms that go with it - the flaking, scaling and itching.

How Does ARGANLife Shampoo Work?

Simply put, ARGANLife shampoo kills the fungus that causes dandruff. Period. That's because the ingredient called ketoconazole binds to the natural protein of your hair so it keeps working between shampoos with ARGANLife products. 'Ketoconazole' keeps nasty dandruff in check so you don't have to keep checking your shoulders.


Why Should I Use ARGANLife Products?

Is it different from all other dandruff shampoos you’ve tried? Yep. In fact, it's so different - you only have to use it 2 times a week.

A pearlescent luxury shampoo created to eliminate dandruff and take care of your hair. Pour it in your hand and ARGANLife shampoo feels silky soft. The thick, rinses clean. Use it twice a week to make your hair shiny, manageable, full of body.


Hair Growth Tips For Damaged Hair

Hair Growth Tips For Damaged Hair 5/30/2018

Hair Growth Tips For Damaged Hair

نصائح نمو الشعر للشعر التالف

تلف الشعر هو أكثر من مجرد أطراف متفرقة. الشعر التالف للغاية يتطور الشقوق في الطبقة الخارجية (بشرة). وبمجرد أن ترفع بشرة الشعر (يفتح) ، يكون شعرك عرضة للخطر لمزيد من التلف والكسر. قد يبدو أيضًا باهتًا أو جليًا ويصعب إدارته.

إذا كنت تعرف أين ذهبت بشكل خاطئ
في بعض الأحيان ، يكون الأمر واضحًا جدًا كيف انتهى بك الأمر مع الشعر التالف. عندما تستخدم بشكل غير صحيح ، يمكن للصبغ ، وأدوات التبييض ، والتصميم أن تفعل عددا على أقفال الخاص بك.

استمر في القراءة لتتعلم كيفية منع حدوث المزيد من الضرر وسلس الأعراض حتى تتمكن من قطع الشعر التالف.


ARGANLife للشعر التالف ، نمو الشعر وتألق

إذا كان شعرك لوناً باهتاً ، أو جعد أو جفّف ، أو يكسر بسهولة على الأطراف ، فأنت تتلف الشعر. يمكن أن يجعل الشعر التالف كل يوم في يوم سيء الشعر. قد يكون بعض الناس معتادون على التعامل مع الشعر التالف ، قد يظنون أنه لديهم شعر سيء بدلاً من مشكلة يمكن علاجها. يمكنك دائمًا تقليم النصائح التالفة كحل سريع ، ولكن إذا كنت تريد معالجة المشكلة فعليًا دون فقدان أي طول لشعرك ، فعليك تجربة شيء آخر. علاج الشعر التالف سهل جدا وكل ما تحتاجه هو شامبو أرغانليف وزيت أركان لايف أركان لايف.

هذه هي منتجات الشعر arganlife التي سوف تعطي شعرك كل ما تحتاجه لتكون صحية عظمى!

نمو الشعر ARGANLife المنتجات الآن!
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جربه واسمحوا لي أن أعرف كيف يشعر شعرك المذهل بعد ذلك!



Eating Habits to Lose Weight - ARGANLife

Eating Habits to Lose Weight - ARGANLife 2/16/2018

Eating Habits to Lose Weight - ARGANLife

Quick Weight Loss Tips, Weight Loss Green Store Tea To Lose Weight

To get thinner effectively and effectively, legitimate dietary patterns and few activities are essential. Here are some brisk weight reduction tips to kick you off.

 1.Keep track of your decisions. Record what you're eating and when. Being careful is so capable.

 2.Exercises Regularly go for quick strolling or running for no less than 30 minutes early in the day or night. 30 minutes strolling or running will consume your calories and muscle to fat ratio. It is simple and straightforward exercise which should be possible consistently.

 3.Drink Water: Your body needs water to work at crest effectiveness. Water not just flushes poisons from your body, it is likewise fundamental for fat consuming! Also, you'll hold more water when you're not giving your body enough.


 4.Manage passionate eating. Ask yourself: "Am I extremely ravenous? Or on the other hand am I eating for a reason like pressure or outrage?" Learn how to supplant enthusiastic eating practices with different exercises like strolling or scrubbing down.

 5.Do not skip breakfast The investigation demonstrates that those that have breakfast toward the beginning of the day, discovered more achievement in shedding pounds. Eating early in the day keep us more vigorous for the entire day.

 6.ArganLife Weight Loss tea with a specific end goal to restrain the day by day admission of calories is the best method to get in shape quick. For successful with misfortune you should choose the best ArganLife Weight Loss Tea for your necessities.

tips on losing weight




Lemon Hair Mask for Hair Growth !!!

Lemon Hair Mask for Hair Growth !!! 1/29/2018

Lemon Hair Mask for Hair Growth !!!

Beauty tips from ARGANLife

 Lemon Hair Mask for Hair Growth. Having a strong, long hair with good shine and volume is a common dream for everyone. Nowadays, hair loss is a collective problem around the world. Lemons are perfect for hair care. It restores the pH balance of the skin on your scalp and can keep you from hair problems like dandruff, hair thinning, dry scalp, and hair fall. Lemon is a strong source of Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, calcium, copper, folate, potassium, magnesium, protein, phosphorus, and zinc. It gives numerous beauty benefits. Lemon Juice Treatment For Hair Growth.  In this Post is 1 hair mask you can use lemons to help your hair grow.

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 How To Use Lemon Juice For Hair Growth

 You Will Need

1/2 a Lemon

 Processing Time

15 minutes


In a bowl, squeeze the juice out of half a freshly cut lemon.

Massage your scalp with the juice for 5 minutes and then leave it in for an additional 10 minutes.

Wash your hair with  sulfate-free ARGANLife  Shampoo.

 How Often?

Once a week.

 How This Helps

This treatment works well for people with oily hair. It gives your scalp a collagen boost, which, in turn, influences hair growth.



 Easy Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know from ARGANLife

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