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I would like to start an hair shampoo from Arganlife test  for you! Why? Because I find it always very exciting to be inspired by the opinions of Arganlife products. Although everyone feels a product, a service or a restaurant differently and tastes are known to be different, but I would like to let you participate in my tests.

For some time I try out the new in Arganlife shampoo  for you. Since I am an absolute packaging victim, I have the products straight in the eye.

At first I was skeptical - for 6 years I have used only natural cosmetics for my hair and completely renounced silicones of any kind. This love for natural cosmetics began when 2009, a hairdresser "wrong" or too high-dose bleach "administered" and my entire hair broke and failed  My biggest goal was to get long hair again. I achieve this goal thanks to an excessive hair and mainly based on Arganlife hair shampoo and Arganlife moroccan organic oil  based care 

arganlife hair and skin care products

Due to a hormonal change and permanent stress, my hair has become very brittle in the last few weeks and even oil cures somehow do not bring the desired and usual success any more. Did my hair get used to the care and do not react anymore? I do not know ... There came the Arganlife hair and skin care products as called! I was ready to try something different!

I found in Arganlife shampoo for hair loss treatment the following remarks:

- Silicone free

- Moroccan Argan Oil

- Sulfate free

 I always use Argan oil in the pure form and non-chemical substances I use regularly my hair treatments. In addition, I found the scent heavenly!  I bought Arganlife shampoo, and Arganlife argan oil conditioner from the Arganlife online store.  or The  oil I bought mainly because of the heavenly scent, and I was also curious how "weightless" this oil really is!

arganlife shampoo


The Arganlife shampoo has a rich color and is very creamy also smells perfume which is a great effectiness in hair. Arganlife shampoo is very rich in Moroccan argan oil and I really only need a small portion per wash. It foams very well and is easy to rinse off. Immediately after the wash, the hair feels supple.  The Arganlife argan oil conditioner is also very light and also rich. After applying the shampoo, I let it act for about 2 minıtes and then rinsed out. In the towel-dried hair, I then gave about 5 pump strokes of Arganlife oil for hair treatment- again only in the tips. Then again the towel turban and let it act a bit in the heat.


Already after the first application I thought: God in heaven, how supple my hair is please? I was on the 7th hair cloud! After 6 years without silicones alcohol or sulfate, the experience was incredible! I know that appearance is deceptive! 😉 Nevertheless, I think the Arganlife products are class, because the hair could easily be combed through and my hair wwas blown dry very quickly, not so stubborn and had less "frizz" than normal. 

Arganlife is really worth it 😉 And for everyone else, give it a try!

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