If your hair looks extraordinarily dull and pale, it means you have dry hair. Dryness in the hair is primarily due to lack of moisture and fat in the scalp. Dry hair, if not properly protected, is a complete trouble

Keep reading to find out how you can prevent your hair from drying out.

Dietary Supplements

Naturally, there are many dietary supplements that can help you have healthy hair. Eat rich in vitamin B vitamins like peas, beans, carrots, nuts and eggs. Another vitamin needed for healthy hair is Biotin or H vitamins found in brown rice, soya bean and walnuts.

Dry hair is only a problem that can be removed with regular care. To get rid of dry hair, it is best to develop a routine that includes steps to moisturize and condition your hair effectively.

Apply Homemade Yogurt to Hair

Yogurt is known as one of the best natural conditioners for hair. Massage yogurt into your scalp and leave it for a few minutes before rinsing.

Avoid Silicone Based Shampoos

Shampoos made of silicone or other silicone should not be used by people with dry hair. Most silicon derivatives have an additional "cone" such as dimethicone and cyclomethicone.

Oil Your Hair

It's a obviously clear clue for people with dry hair. Oil your hair in the evenings and leave one night. You can also ensure that your hair is effectively moistened by wrapping a towel soaked in hot water after putting oil in your hair.

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ArganLife Hair Care Shampo and ArganLife Ultra Nourishing Oil would make your hair better,soft and bright. ArganLife Hair Care Shampo is more than a shampoo, it fixes your hair and keeps soft all the time. It does not contain Sulfate, Silicone, Alcohol, Salt and Dye. ArganLife Ultra Nourishing Oil is the perfect for all skin and hair types. These products are made with the highest quality available in the market.





How to Stop Teen Hair Loss

How to Stop Teen Hair Loss 4/12/2017

How to Stop Teen Hair Loss



Hair loss, particularly for teens, can be a failure and confusing experience. Hair loss becomes when something stints hair from growing.Cases that can cause hair loss at a adolescent age include insufficient hair care,stress,or medical states.

 Find Out Cause of Your Hair Loss

Some chemical methods might cause hair to snap off or fall off temporarily. These include coloring,whitening perms and straightening. Hairstyles that drag your hair densely can cause "traction alopecia," in which follicles are harmed immensely. If you notice scalp ache,avoid making hairstyles that pull the hair.

Family history

Ask your parents if there's a history of baldnesss in your household. The most usual reason of hair loss in adults is genetic. Anyway, a combination of hormones and genetics can beginning this type of hair loss in your teenage years.

Consultation with your doctor

There are a lot of diseases and states that could cause hair loss. Hormonal conditions like thyroid disease,anemia,lupus,uncontrolled diabetes,or POV syndrome can interrupt with hair production. Bulimia or anorexia can abridge the body of fundamental vitamins, proteins and minerals needed for hair regrowth.One cause of unequal hair loss, frequently with damaging and broken hairs called tinea capitis. It isn’t very typical in teenagers, but it can occur. This is generated by a fungal infection and is treated with oral medications and special shampoos.

 Revise for round and small bald patches.

If you notice one or more of these patches on your scalp may point to alopecia areata. It's an autoimmune disease in which your proper immune system harms hair follicles.Fortunately, it can be cured,and hair generally regrows within a year.Nevertheless,some sufferers lose their hair over and over or indeed constantly.Alopecia areata can occasionally exccesss to full baldness or even total loss of all body hair.



Highly Effective Treatments For Thinning Hair

Highly Effective Treatments For Thinning Hair 3/24/2017

Highly Effective Treatments For Thinning Hair

Here are several solutions to help you keep the hair out of your brush and on your head.


Hair evolve on zinc,iron, protein,and vitamin B12.Get them from fatless meats, nuts,leafy greens, fish and beans.


You're halfway there every time you shampoo: massaging your head in the shower increase blood flow to the scalp. This means a preferably ambience for hair growth, but it also support the penetration of any treatment shampoos you use.


It's the easiest fix you never imagine. Irons and hair dryers, particularly if you already dyed, can cause thinning and breakage,so use these gadgets just in cases when is necessary.

Blood Work

Routine blood work can test your vitamin D and ferritin.Low levels can cause hair loss, and the fix may be as simple as adding an iron or vitamin supplement.

Stress Relief

Take a deep breathe—seriously, it could help! Both sudden and chronic stress can stop hair growth. If you've been through a difficulties, hair should grow back. If you're under permanent pressure,than you can try with meditation and your hair will thank you.

Hormone Help

Some women are genetically ingratiated to female-pattern hair loss, and birth control pills can inhibit overproduction of male hormones. At menopause, thinning gains; if you're on hormone therapy, it may decrease hair loss.

Bad Blood

According to practitians of traditional Chinese medicine, hair health is dodgy to two things: kidney energy and the blood, which nourish the hair. The solution: Chinese herbs and acupuncture.

Natural Shampoo

One of the most important things you shouldn’t do it is using shampoos that contains sulfat,silicone,alcohol.After long years of research,we made totally natural shampoo that nourish your hair, repair your hair and help hair grow faster.




Surprising Benefits Of Argan Oil

Surprising Benefits Of Argan Oil 3/24/2017

Surprising Benefits Of Argan Oil



Argan oil has become quite popular in the beauty industry. It is placed in skin and hair treatments due to the large number of benefits it provides. Here are amazing benefits of argan oil to help you make the best use of it:

As A Topical Anti-inflammatory

Flavonoids contained in argan oil act as an anti-inflammatory that can be placed on the skin topically to treat skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and chicken pox.

Boosting Immunity

Argan oil strength the immune system. This is due to argan oil’s powerful antioxidants that work to stimulate proper immune function.

Anti-Aging Properties

Because it has a high content of vitamin E, argan oil prevents the evaporation of moisture from the outer layer of skin. Also, argan oil is made up of 80% essential fatty acids that help reduce wrinkles by maintaining healthy skin cells.

Improving Hair Health

The linoleic and oleic acids found in argan oil help keep hair hydrated by locking in moisture, which increases shine. They also tame frizzy and unmanageable hair and can be used to repair hair that has been damaged from hot tools, such as curling and flat irons.

Moisturizing Skin

Argan oil contains carotenoids, which protect skin from ultraviolet radiation. It also has sterols that assist in reducing inflammation, improve skin metabolism processes and enable moisture retention. This leaves skin soft, smooth and hydrated.

Selecting Argan Oil

When looking to purchase argan oil you want to make sure the kind you get is certified organic. This ensures the quality of the product, as well as eliminating harmful toxins such as pesticides from the oil. Also, ensure that the argan oil you are purchasing is %100 pure argan oil.We are representing to you our ArganLife %100 pure Argan Oil-made from only the best natural extracts.





Tips For Shiny And Beautiful Hair

Tips For Shiny And Beautiful Hair 3/24/2017

Tips For Shiny And Beautiful Hair

Some women are gifted with beautiful and shiny hair. If you are not from these women, we offer a few tips that can make you proud with attractive hair.

-If the ends of your hair are dry or flowering, immediately trim.
-Never sleep with tiaras, hairpins, ribbons or similar hair accessories.They can damage your hair.
-Eat healthy, drink, vitamin and mineral supplements to support healthy hair growth.
-If you are massaging your scalp, your hair will satisfied.Massage also increases blood flow to the scalp,nourish the roots and helps hair growth.

-Do not dry your hair with too hot stream of air. Keep the dryer far away from it.
-If you have very curly hair, then avoid to brushed with comb. Use a comb with wide tooth or brush it just with your fingers.The brush can destroy curly hair and break it from the roots.

-Use shampoo with sulfate, silicone, alcohol, salt and dye free formulation like ArganLife hair shampoo.Our product prevent oily hair,help for faster hair growt,prevent hair loss,increases the softness and shine of dry hair.It is ideal for taming rough, dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair and helps to repair as well as inhibit the occurrence of split ends. It nourishes hair from the root, strengthening it, thereby preventing hair loss.




Causes and How to Prevent Hair Loss

Causes and How to Prevent Hair Loss 3/24/2017

Causes and How to Prevent Hair Loss

 If you really have a serious hair loss problem, you will have a loss of big amount of the hair on a specific area of observe your head.

Look at the roots of the hair that fell where the thinnest:

1) If the blunt ends, then your hair breaks down, rather than falling. You should look at the overall condition of your hair. Do you use curling iron often? Then permanent hair is prone to breakage.

2) If the ends are tapered, your hair is loss of the roots.

Causes of Hair Loss

There are a number of common causes of hair loss, such as:

1) Lack of vitamin B and C and the mineral zinc, iron and sulfur.

2) Crash dieting can result in hair loss more than gradual weight loss

3) Traumatic experience and stress

4) Menstruation and pregnancy (causing temporary hair loss due to hormonal imbalances)

5) Long or short-term disease

6) Some medicines and medical treatments

What can you do about hair loss?

1) Increase your vitamin and mineral intake

2) Keeping perm, dyes and avoid drying your hair.

3) Check your combs and brushes to ensure that they do no further damage. Avoid comb that are too fine and do not forget to comb your hair gently.

4) If you're looking for the most complete method for faster growing hair, you've found it. Argan Life products helps to stop hair loss and helps the hair in women and men who regularly use of 3 months.Creating a healthy environment in the scalp is key to having regrow thick, are full of hair products growth.ArganLife 100% safe and nattural.








How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Naturally

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Naturally 3/24/2017

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Naturally

Stretch marks are annoying, true, but it is very easy to learn how to get rid of stretch marks. Did you know that argan oil, among all of its benefits, it is also great for reducing and preventing stretch marks? ArganLife Oil for Stretch Marks is the best ally for mothers.Do you really want a beautiful and soft skin during your pregnancy? Want to prove to the world how confident you feel in your stomach and showing off a perfect and flawless skin? Do not know how to get rid of stretch marks? Keep reading and you'll see how easy it is.

 Stretch marks are often the result of the high-speed stretch, rapid growth, or rapid changes in weight, they are also affected by hormonal changes. Causes stretch marks are very common, which is why how to get rid of stretch marks is a common question.

ArganLife oil is an effective and natural product that beats stretch marks. During pregnancy a growing belly and the skin is stretched to the limit. With an elastic skin is very important, otherwise, when your stomach is back after giving birth, you will probably have some stretch marks.


ArganLife Oil


ArganLife oil is an effective and natural product that beats stretch marks. During pregnancy a growing belly and the skin is stretched to the limit. With an elastic skin is very important, otherwise, when your stomach is back after giving birth, you will probably have some stretch marks.

Argan Oil Benefits

Argan Oil Benefits 3/24/2017

Argan Oil Benefits

Often called ‘liquid gold’, argan oil is an organic product extracted from the kernels of the argan tree, which is native to Morocco. It is extremely rich in beneficial nutrients including fatty acids and vitamin E. Its properties make it particularly beneficial for the hair and skin, which makes it a popular cosmetic choice for many celebrities. It’s not just for the rich and famous, though – anyone can reap the argan oil benefits for their body. Here are some of its most common use.

Skin Moisturiser

Argan oil is most commonly used as a skin moisturiser to hydrate and soften skin. With its high vitamin E and fatty acid content, argan oil is the ideal product to give skin a natural boost. It absorbs easily and is non-greasy and non-irritating, which makes it a great natural moisturiser.It is easy to use all over the body, including the face and neck. Simply smooth a few drops into your skin using gentle rubbing motions, as you would any face and body lotion.

Hair Conditioner

Argan oil is proven to make hair softer, silkier and shinier. It is the ideal hair conditioner, and it can even help to treat split ends and tame frizzy hair. Using argan oil to condition your hair is extremely easy. It comes in several types of applications and products and has so many ways to use it for different results that we decided to write an in-depth guide to using Argan oil for hair.

Sleek and Shine Styling

Due to its ability to tame frizz and give hair shine, argan oil is also commonly used as a styling agent. It makes hair more manageable and adds a healthy, attractive shine to any hair style. This is an ideal step to add to your daily routine after blow-drying. Rub a few drops of argan oil over your palms and then comb your fingers through your hair to






Causes Of Hair Loss

Causes Of Hair Loss 3/24/2017

Causes Of Hair Loss

According to the experts, loss of 50-100 strands in a day is in normal range, but if there is excessive amounts of loss and visible hair thinning, this may be pointing to a problem. In all societies, hair and hair styles have a social and cultural importance. The person who is faced with hair loss may beign to see himself physically and mentally weak and try different methods to get rid of this situation. However, the cause of hair loss can not be cured without a correct form of treatment.

Studies revealed that, about 90 percent of a healthy human hair is in constant growth. This growth phase can last up to 2-6 years. The remaining 10 percent portion stays in the resting phase lasting up to 2-3 months. As a result of this resting phase, hair loss occurs, then new hair starts to grow from hair root and the cycle continues in this way. Most of the hair loss is the result of this normal hair growth cycle.

ArganLife Hair Losss

Knowing the causes of hair loss, can help you to act rational and keep on some measures from the beginning. According to the experts; dye, bleaching, straightening or perming can damage hair. Application of these methods simultaneously or frequently can cause hair to weaken or fracture. And hair styles like horsetail, should not be applied to often. Because of the constant pulling force acting on the scalp can cause hair loss.

Improper hair care cosmetics can make your hair weak and scalp unhealthy. For example, most hair products contain alcohol and it causes hair to dry out. But ArganLife Hair Care Products do not contain alcohol, dye, sulfate or salt

ArganLife Hair Care Shampoo

You can protect your hair and scalp from the negative effects of harsh chemicals with ArganLife!

Nail Care And Argan Oil Miracle

Nail Care And Argan Oil Miracle 3/24/2017

Nail Care And Argan Oil Miracle

Smooth looking and strong nails is actually a sign of a healthy body. Besides, the sight of a real beautiful nails emphasizes the importance of the personal care.

What Should Be Taken Into Account In The Health And Care Of Nails?
Health of nails, is directly related to cleaning products that are used for. Hands should be washed with a herbal argan oil based soap. It should not be allowed to chemical products to contact with hands and nails in every other day. Nails should not be rubbed with alcohol-based products such as cologne or detergents and gloves must be used while using other cleaning products. Manicure and pedicure processes should be done with private and disinfected materials as much as possible. If you want to make manicure and pedicure in a beauty salon, take your own personal care products with you.

ArganLife Nail Care

Have Health Nails With Argan Oil
Argan oil is a natural beneficial oil which is used for hair care and skin care. With the invigorating effect of Argan Oil, skin can get rid of the negative effects such as acne scars, premature aging and strech marks. It also helps hair to gain more bright and vibrant look while maintaining the moisture balance of hair. The nail care with argan oil strengthen the fragile structure of easily broken nails.

ArganLife Argan Oil
For a proper nail care all you need is the nourishing drops of ArganLife Argan Oil!!